How I created an auto-invite page for my slack, using heroku

May 01

Slack was born for teams inside a company, but it has been more and more used for communities

on-board new team members manually

All you need is to use an app to create your autoinvite bot, no need to code.

1. Login o Signup for an new Heroku account

just jo to http://heroku.com

it’s free

Confirm your email and log in.

2. Deploy the heroku autoinvite app from github

click this link


and click Heroku down there

3. Login to your slack team in your browser

In a new browser tab, go to YOURSLACKTEAMNAME.slack.com

In my case is


and login with your admin account


4. Now you need to fill up the form.

As for the name, my advice is to use your slack name



5. Create the slack API token

how to create the api token (updated to 2017)visit the Legacy Tokens page at api.slack.com/custom-integrations/legacy-tokens.Scroll down and select the Team and User that you want to create the token forClick Create token.

Copy the  code under token
Paste it in “slack api token”
Click deploy
Now you can point your community wannabe members and newsletter subscribers
to besuperb.herokuapp.com
instead of youurteam.slack.com this way they will get an invite automatically via email

7. Click View.

created page pic

8. Well done, this is your slack team auto invite page.

From now on, link people to this page, you don’t have to manually send invites anymore.


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