How to create a Waves vanity address ( with your own name)!

May 02

Quick intro. Today we are going to create a waves vanity address. Waves is both the cheapest and fastest blockchain network to send transactions (fees are way less than 1 cent of a dollar).

Why should you create a vanity address? First, because it’s cool, it’s more personal. And, because you will make easy for the people who are sending you waves based tokens (including wBTC, wEUT or wGPB) to recognize it’s your address in a glance. This feature it’s not embedded in the lite client and it requires a bit of patience. Enough talk, let’s see how it’s done.

1.Download java from here:


2. Download walletgenerator.jar


and put it on your desktop

3. Open up the Terminal, or Command prompt

You will see the default path inside the terminal. Change directory to your desktop directory. To do this,

type cd (it means change directory) on the terminal, then

open the file explorer,

drag it in to the terminal then hit Enter. You are now inside your desktop folder

4. Paste this command

Now paste  this command  near “cd” (leave one space):

java -jar walletgenerator.jar -c 999999999 -p password -f NAME

Replace “password” and “name” with your desired password and name

Hit enter and wait. leave everything open and your computer turned on. (duh!)

Or, you could get a Paperspace machine and let it work while your computer is off.


 5. Wait and see for the generated vanity addresses

You will see two files generated on your desktop:
wallets.dat and addresses.csv
those files hold your address, seed and private key
After a minute or so, you will see addresses starting to generate, if your name is 4-5 letters.
In case your name is long (up to 8 letters) it may seems nothing happens…. you just need to wait (even few days, depending on your computing power)
Ideally you’d want your name to be the end of the address, especially if it is short
The longer your name, the longer you will need to wait for the perfect address to generate

6. Copy address and seed, backup

If your wallet.dat and address.csv files are empty….
When you are satisfied, Copy your data from the command prompt, then just close the command prompt and keep your wallet files safe. always make backups

7. Braggin’ about the final result

These are the two vanity addresses I created for myself.
I use them to have like a “public” address to receive waves tokens donations and funding for my projects.
(you can do it now if you wish… hint hint)
And since there’s my names on those, people will easily recognise it’s my address
3P…. icoprice (work in progress, requires many days)
don’t use them to hold a big stack of coins for the long term.

8. Generate a QR code from the address

You may want to generate a QR code from the address, to post it online and make it easily scannable by the waves wallet app for iPhone or Android. Here is how you do it.
Go here:
add waves:// (this is important, otherwise the qr code can’t be read by the mobile app)
and just paste your address
then and click save to download the QR code (PNG)
so it’s something like
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