How I pick every ICO I “invest” in ( checklist ).

May 13

What new ICO to “invest” in?

There are two kind of tokens. Those who promise impossible things and look like they have infinite potential. Easy hype, high return. Then, there are tokens who show a real-world use case and using crypto makes it better, faster easier or cheaper.

If the project has a real use case, like NOW.. people will be questioning its limits, they become rational. Loosing all your stake is unlikely, but you can say the same for irrational pumps. Today I’m going to tell you my personal criteria fo an ico selection. Every single ICO has its own custom ICO participation process, but basically it involves sending bitcoin, waves or other altcoin to an address.

Thankfully, waves is making our life easier.

Anyway, these are my 9 criteria:



  1. Core Team quality
  2.  Team Connections
  3.  Current Hype level (incoming announcements, conferences)
  4. Project potential
  5. Ico Terms
  6. Exchanges Adoption
  7. Marketing
  8. Third party developers
  9. Roadmap



1. Core Team Quality

Will they be able to execute their ideas?

2. Team Connections



3. Current Hype

4. Project Potential

Longterm potential

Why the token is valuable?

Has the token an actual use? How holders will be remunerated?

5. ICO Terms

6. Exchanges Adoption


7. Marketing

A good marketing means ability. Many factors contribute to market a crypto project, and they are not the traditional ones.

Has the team made interviews (text or video) in famous cryptonews outlets

Have crypto vloggers mentioned it widely in their vlogs



8. Brand

Brand has such many moving parts, it’s not just Name and the quality of the design, and you build it with time.

Is there some magic in the project


9. Third party developers


10. (Extra) Roadmap

Look at milestones dates / roadmap

price will pump on these announcments

Look at conferences partecipation or better… if they do their own conferences

These are my criteria, and I often go back an analyze the tokens in my portfolio every now and then. I question every single token…. did something change Marketing-wise? Team-Wise?

I use the very same ìcriteria on ICOprice, where you can see every single ICO and non-ico token analysed with this approach in mind

So, go to http://icoprice.com and vote!



Final tips 

Criteria. Don’t get caught up by fomo, evaluate every single point

I would say… never invest more than 10% of your crypto if you believe in the project, accumulate more after it lands on the exchanges. Be warned: if you invest a lot, you are likely to see a volume spike in the first days of listing, then you may have a liquidity problem.

Don’t listen to FUDDERS. believe in the potential future, in the project’s fundamentals

Never never day trade a token you are in (longterm), unless you want to buy more to  increase your position.


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